Evolution of Mobile Technology in Today’s World

With the announcement of Apple’s newest iPhone happening just a few weeks ago, we once again get a glimpse of how today’s society is consumed with mobile technology. From news reporters, celebrities, athletes, Fortune 500 CEO’s, no one is excluded from this phenomenon. With every release from each company, technology becomes more and more useful to our personal and professional lives. Along with the release of new mobile devices comes an ever growing dependency individuals have to their “lifelines.” The holidays that were once filled with conversation and laughter are now focused on fantasy football lineups, Candy Crush, and social media trolling. Technology plays a significant role in everyone’s life, which means when the technology goes down, someone needs to be there to fix it. Enter Genius Phone Repair.

Why Are We All So Interested?

Owning my own business in the mobile device repair industry for over six years now has really given me new perspective on the dependency of cell phones and tablets to everyone’s daily lives. We see a wide range of customers, and it’s intriguing to hear a unique story each time. To sales people; every minute with a broken phone is commission money lost. To a student; a broken iPad or tablet could mean being without your textbook or class notes until it’s fixed. To a business owner like myself, it could mean missing a crucial phone call or an emergency occurring at my business.

I often ask myself, “How did people do business without these devices so effectively?” At times I find myself being able to get more done on the road and at home watching football than I do in the office. Information is available at our fingertips twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. It also means that we must decipher what information is valid and what comes from an untrusted source. It’s more important than ever to educate and teach young people the importance of critically thinking and resisting the temptation that is the internet.

Technological Advantages in the Business World

As our small company expanded from a one man show to having seventeen retail locations in two different states, the need to adapt to technological changes became more and more evident. We quickly grew from three employees to twenty five, and in four short years we are now over one hundred and thirty employees. As our company grew, every employee became more and more dependent on the technological resources we have. We changed from servicing customers who were extremely dependent on their mobile devices, to business professionals who were now just as dependent as our customer base. Being able to relate to our customer base on this level really helped us understand where they were coming from, and better service our customers.

As we grow we continue to find different resources that can be used with our tablets, mobile devices, and desktops that allows us to perform more efficiently as a company. For example, our company believes in a collaborative work environment and use Google Apps to achieve several working efficiencies. Multiple users can edit documents and review them from different working environments. Google Hangouts allows us to have executive and management meetings across state lines. Without all of the different technology that we use on a daily basis, it would be very hard for us to continue to grow as fast as we have.

The need to adapt to this evolution of mobile technology is more important today than it has ever been in the past. Embrace it, love it, and get the most out of it that you can. So you might still ask, “Why are we all still so consumed in the latest and greatest”? The simple answer is, it makes more efficient and effective students, employees, and bosses. It’s been great to directly be a part of this phenomenon, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.IMG_6276

Genius Phone Repair Co-Founders Garry VonMyhr, 2010 (Left), Steven Barnes (Middle), and Jordan Notenbaum, 2010 (Right) at the ribbon cutting for their 5th store opening in 2013. The partners are opening their 17th location later this month in Indianapolis, IN.


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